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You can change the world through the lens of your camera or phone. I like starting with the magic of painting with light and move to wet processes. Taking the less toxic route is important as well. There are so many ways to bring your artistry to life.

Composition is key, but understanding your purpose is primary.


"Clay is the only thing that can take your anger, but it is the earth and it will respond accordingly."

I approach clay through the eyes of a child so it's something I love to teach. I am a perpetual beginner and  cannot live without forever exploration in this medium. If you can think of it we can try to Hand-build it together.

Arts & Crafts

My masters is in Photography but I let the artistic idea tell me the medium. Therefore I create by "any means necessary" and teach whatever medium that will inspire my students. From animation, clay, to installation art I make sure my students go beyond the Western Aesthetics through the arts. Diversity is key. If they don't see themselves as the makers they will never make.


I can be found teaching at many different Non-profit institutions. Click on the following buttons and discover what is closest to you. You might uncover a place to learn and engage your youth in school or on location. Peace

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