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The Visit Arts Collaborative is a group of 4 like-minded individuals that have been creating art together since 2007. The Visit stands for Visionary

Installers Sharing Inspired Thoughts that create experiential exhibitions incorporating music, poetry, and the visual arts engaging the viewer. Individually we are graduates from institutions of higher learning,

have traveled internationally, and have been awarded

grants and commissions to work

with the community and beyond. Collectively we

have created exhibition spaces for Ingenuity Arts Festivals,

The Cleveland Public Library

and for Sankofa Fine Arts Plus. Chester Hopkins-Bey, 

Kole Robinson-Brooks and Lolita Wilson all have murals on

display throughout Greater Cleveland. Most recently,

Gina Washington and Kole R-Brooks have had exhibitions

at Massillon Museum and Ursuline College respectfully.

Ultimately we are limitless in our choice of mediums and find

inspiration in themes that enable the viewer to reflect upon the human experience to understand what it is that connects us. 

The Artists of the Visit are:
Click on their buttons and transport to their pages.
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