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A little bit of this A little bit of That!

A little bit of this A little bit of that!

The summer of 2016 has been filled with lessons and change. I have learned to be bold, courageous, fearless and forgiving. I have learned that others may not have a clue and blame their cluelessness on you but that should never let you change your direction if you are moving in the right way for the right reasons. I have learned that for me, being tied to a land, a people a nation allows me to make claims that may place me in the position of thinking that my experiences have been greater, that my pain has been more and that I am stronger because I have this blood. Well years ago I claimed to be just one thing "A Child of the Universe." And after showing the Rainey Institute students the Cosmos a Space Odyssey for the 10th time I realized that my aim was broad but right. But I can only speak for me. And as I sit down to write this I realize that the Universe continues to expand. So my understanding of space and my place in it may be unique but it screams of the wonders of being connected. I am, we are each, as individual as a snowflake, as needed as rain and infused into the magical fabric of infinity.

But that is just a little bit of me and a little bit of that.

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