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All I Want for Christmas!

People keep asking me what I want for christmas

so I am going to make it clear here.

All I want for Christmas is ALL MY BILLS PAID! And this is the other difference between people with resources and those without. I have no parents and they had no nest egg, I have no grandparents and they had no nest egg save for a house in debt. So Im taking care of business but guess what. Any set back means a bill is not paid. So I need tires, so my dog needs medicine for pain due to arthritis and so on. This is not the Saga of my life as Debra would describe it. I do not write these things to make someone go Awwww. This is the reality of a person that works hard, gives her child the best education she can and does it all by herself. This is the reality of a well-educated woman that works many jobs because she has chosen to take care of her elders in-house and loves life which happens to be in the arts. I work independently and I think a lot of things make me not a candidate to be hired administratively in Cleveland Art Market because I have a lot of ideas that others may want, a MFA and I am really to tired to hustle, kiss Ass and or have a family member that can get me in a door. Nepotism is a bitch and I am tired. My ears are also fucked up but that is another story. So if you are on facebook this is what you can do. STOP LIKING SHIT and by some black art from me. If you see something you like great, if you don't and have an idea tell me I will make it so. I don't want to be given anything. I want my talent to be sold beyond displayed in galleries. You have resources for my commercial stuff that I am adding to everyday. Buy something so I can make a living and pay my bills. That's all I want for Christmas. With extra cash you'll get some support from me too. Extra cash! What the hell is that? Resources:…

Be a friend and show support! Tilly will be in college soon and thanks to the next 4 years the reality of not having $ ain't no joke.

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